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Every human being on this planet should watch two films, CowSpiracy and What the health. Ok 3 movies, CowSpiracy, What the Health and the Matrix!! =D

I love that through film and the internet we are able to reach the world with powerful life changing messages. For me What the health has the message we have all been waiting for. We need to be looking at our health and taking it seriously. It is all interconnected a healthy physical body will help create a healthy positive mind and help us radiate in spirit.

If you are looking for the truth and want to be more healthy, happy and free of dis-ease please watch this film, you wont regret it and I urge you to share this with friends and family whom you love and want to see well and happy.


It is sad to see that some human beings benefit from the suffering of others, and billion dollar industry rely on people getting sick and ill through bad food, and lifestyle choices. If hospitals and pharmaceutical companies made everyone better, there would be no more money and no more business. So, we need to heal ourselves, and we can do this easily by cutting our ties to unhealthy foods, replacing them with high energy healing foods from mother nature and living a more active lifestyle.


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