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So it finally happened, I went to my dream destination Costa Rica. A fully immersive experience of nature at its purest most lush state. I couldn't believe how vibrant it was, Mother Nature was in full swing there, thriving as it was meant to. I spent two weeks traveling around in a 4x4 with my wife Amor. Its funny because before we traveled out to Costa Rica we planned our trip looking at goole maps and taking the advice it gave on distances between places and how long it might take. I didn't stop to think that a 4 hour drive meant 4 hours of bone breaking off road rally! Though it was crazy at times I found the funny side of things blitzing though shallow streams, climbing up steep hills and sliding the 4x4 around gravel roads imaging I was part of the Dakar rally!

Of course I brought all my cameras with me on this adventure, I had a go pro 5, Nikon p900 with 83x zoom, my Sony a7s2 and a Mavic pro drone. The results being I was able to capture a beautiful film to take home and show the world just how magical and special this country really is.

Its hard to think about my favourite part of Costa Rica because it was all so magical. But I can tell you I loved the abundance of fresh fruit trees! I would stop ever few hundred meters to pick mangoes from the floor or better climb to the top of the trees to pick them, I would climb coconut tree's and enjoy a fresh coconut water. I saw so many varieties of fruits growing wild I didn't know what half of them were. I love the warm temperature of the air and the water, the refreshing showers under waterfalls, walking bare foot around national parks and the natural weather patterns. Warm and sunny in the day, and cloudy with tropical rain and storms in the evening.

What was equally fascinating was the wildlife I would see daily, it was like being in a zoo with no horrible bars or cages around the animals! Every morning I was greeted by a huge lizard sitting outside the swimming pool, he was not bothered by me, probably because he was half my size!

I hope you enjoy the video, It was a pleasure to capture it and I am sure it will inspire you to take the trip!


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