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I have always been about optimisation when it comes to training especially. I feel there are only so many hours in the day and when you are striving to learn new things and make progress in your training you need to find those Life Level Ups that help make the most of our time.

I was approached by SIXPAD to try out their new muscle stimulation technology. I was invited along with 2 other Vegan athletes to try out the tech and take part in a photoshoot in London for the product. We took some awesome images and it was great to meet up with my old friends Tim Sheif, Alex Tucker, Jace and to meet another vegan spartan Simone Ming.

So after the photoshoot we were given the SIXPAD systems to try for a week and feel the difference. Im all for optimising my training so I took mine with me on holiday to Costa Rica. I always train even when I am on holiday in paradise. Of course not as much as I would when im home and have access to both my parkour and free running gym and Fitness First.

I decided I would use the system for a 23 minute workout once a day for 2 weeks and stick to it. I liked that it was really easy to use, no plugging into the wall or having to charge batteries every few days. Its great because its so small and light and could go in my suitcase without taking up valuable space or weight.

The design is really sleek and it feels really well made, I can imagine it would last a long time given its stored in its zip lock case. The only thing that needs changing are the sticky adhesive pads that make contact with your skin and the little 3 volt battery in the centre control.

So how does it feel purposely electrocuting yourself? Well I will be the first to admit that I didn’t really like the idea of it, but once I gave it a go the sensation was actually quite addictive! My first experience with it was laughter! It gives you tingles though your body and involuntary muscle spasms which I found quite amusing especially when your doing it with your friends walking round busy central London streets.

Now that I have been using it for a while I can honestly say that I rate it. Awesome for when you are on the go and want that burning feeling of a workout without having to step foot in a gym, I guess you could use this on a train, plane or in the hotel room like I have. After 15 minutes of using two systems I am looking forward to it ending to get some rest from the burn it creates. So for me this must mean its doing its job and giving me a workout!

Just like in your physical workouts you can get creative with these things, Using multiple units on different muscles of the body for different durations and using one of the many different pre programmed workouts it has ready to go.

Do check them out if your keen to try this reinvented technology!


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