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I am so happy to share with you the video from my talk at Vevolution. As un polished and scatty as it felt, It gives me great pleasure to share this moment with you all. If I think about what I want most in life, I come back to this, to share inspiration with the world and see others find happiness and realise the best version of themselves. It all comes down to love. To realise the miracle that is life, the gift that we have been blessed with, to care for it, to nurture it. When I found self love I found love for all.

I believe Veganism is a way we can love ourselves and love others and move forward as a race. It really isn't just a diet for me, its a way of life. I decided to go Vegan because I got to a point in my life where I could hear my heart speaking louder than my conditioned mind. I know the heart has no other agenda, other than finding harmony with it all.

I want to share that light I found and help others to listen to their heart more than their mind and discover our true nature, that we are all compassionate beings.

Life level ups really represents a journey I am going through and I believe the whole human race is going through. A search to find the best version of ourselves.

When you eat high vibration health food, you love yourself, when you express life through movement and look after your body you love yourself, when you take time to meditate and be present, fully in the moment you love yourself, and when you understand we are all one and by loving yourself fully, you love everything and everyone else.

Ultimately I feel we owe it to ourselves to have the best experience of life as we can. When we are healthy we are happy. When we are happy we are more connected to ourselves and each other. When we are connected we are more conscious and this is the ultimate life goal.

I wish you all the very best of health and happiness, I hope you enjoy my talk and my attempt to express my passion to see us all grow, evolve and find the light within.

Big love as always,


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