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I love movement! its fun, challenging and always makes me feel good. But maybe deeper down in the background there is a more subconscious reason for why I want to move all the time.

I watched this video from Gil Hedley and it all made sense.

Gil is working with a real human body that was donated to science and looking closely at the muscular structure. He shows that over time if the muscles are not worked, moved or stretched can develop a web like fuzz layer that if left un melted can form harder layers of tissue that restrict our movement and can inhibit range of motion.

This totally resonated with me, I have had injuries, especially ankle and shoulder injuries where I have had to stop using them to rest. After weeks or even months of not using them to their full range of motion they became stiff and felt locked up. I then had to do my own forms of physiotherapy to melt the fuzz and get them back to their full strength and range of motion.

Watching Gil's video showed me what was happening inside my body when I had an injury and couldn't move like I normally do every day and how it could have a negative effect on my bodies full range of movement.

I believed that moving every day, stretching and training was super beneficial for my body, and now I am certain of it. Look at all the fittest old people, what do they all have in common,.. Movement! Tai Chi, Yoga, Gymnastics, Weight training, Cycling, Walking, Swimming, sports in general. If we want to continue running at our full potential we need to MOVE, MOVE AND MOVE SOME MORE.

Full video by Dr Gil Hedley

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