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Chase Armitage Life Level Ups talk

This has to go up there as one of the great moments in my life. Speaking from the heart, in front of 160 people about topics that mean the most to me. I was invited to be a guest speaker on the topic health and wellness to a vegan conscious audience. Everything in my life comes at exactly the right time and always brings so many lessons and growth I love it! Funny because a month back I had a super vivid dream that I was asked to do a public talk, in which I had never done before and I turned up without preparing a thing. I just knew the subject and it was something I was passionate about. In the dream I was super nervous! I felt so unprepared but then I knew I couldn't go wrong as long as I spoke from the heart. It went from nightmare situation to a dream, the crowd loved it! My lesson there was that no amount of preparation makes a talk good, talking from the heart and being true to yourself does.

Vevolution is an education start-up on a mission to showcase people with great stories and ideas to create a better world.

Literally a couple of days after the dream I got the email, asking me to be a guest speaker and I jumped at the chance. I have always wanted to share my passion with a live audience, most of my inspiration work happens through my videos and social media. I was a little nervous but I felt ready to take the next step in sharing my vision and passion for life and living it to the fullest.

Chase Armitage talking at Vevolution

My talk was of course titled Life level ups. I covered as much as I could for the 25 minutes I had. From how to have a healthy mentality using meditation and breath work, to eating clean and training right. I skimmed over most topics from my recent blog posts and spoke about my transition into veganism and how I feel if we want to change the world for the better, its the most important place to start.

One day I will give a TED talk, its a dream of mine, so I will do it, and I feel this was a beautiful jump in the right direction.

The crowd were incredible, so warm and friendly. I explained it was my first ever public presentation and at the end I was congratulated and told it was a good talk especially for my first. Im sure there was an element of politeness & some truth ^_^ Well I will share the video with you all as soon as it gets uploaded to

I spoke about overcoming fears, and how I have learnt so many lessons from Parkour on dealing with them. It was nice to apply those lessons and step into a room full of strangers, talk from the heart with no restrictions and feel I made another life level up.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the other speakers and hearing their talks, I was really blown away by them all. I have to give massive props to Damien and Judy for running such an awesome event. Amazing venue, delicious food and chilled vibes, there is magic in brining like minded people together.

For more on Vevolution check out their website and hit up one if their upcoming events!


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