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Its that time of the year when we reminisce about how good, and how short the summer was. Though for me autumn is one of my favourite seasons of all, I love the fresh cool air, seeing the leaves change magnificent colours and the emergence of abundant wild food up for grabs! Recently I have been getting on the foraging hype, from picking apples, plums and blackberries to climbing 30 meter trees and harvesting pine pollen and crawling into holly bushes to uncover 30cm Penny Bun mushrooms! its all out there, in abundance, natures treasures waiting to be found.

Here are just a few wild foods you can go out and get right now for FREE!

Mushrooms are in abundance this time for the year and there are so many edible varieties! equally there are some dangerous kinds that you need to be aware of. I brought myself a mushroom hand book and starting learning on the job =D Its amazing how quickly you start to recognise the good ones and point out the bad ones. Last year we found loads of Chantarelle mushrooms which have such a unique and distinctive look, this year we found some mega Boletus mushrooms (Penny Buns)

They taste like fish fillets once fried! I really rate this mushroom. The magical kind are also out there for those looking for a deep spiritual trip. Just remember which ever mushroom you pic, tap the cap before you pick them so the spores release and it helps the next generation populate the following year.

Nuts are literally falling from the trees and ending up in my oven! I have had some of the tastiest nut roasts this year. Nuts are generally great protein sources and come in so many varieties. My favourite at the moment are the sweet chestnuts, they are more similar in taste and texture to a potato once cooked. Other varieties up for grabs right now are hazel nuts and wall nuts.

Pine Pollen is becoming a popular superfood! full of Vitamins and contain both testosterone and DHEA, as well as naturally increasing the antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase, pine pollen can be extremely helpful for boosting both endocrine and immune functions. As a natural testosterone abundant in anabolic phytosteroids, pine pollen benefits are also excellent for body builders or athletes for increasing muscle mass and improving endurance and overall performance. In addition, it comes without the potential side-effects common with synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Blackberries are EVERYWHERE! well they were, its a little late for them right now but I wanted to include these in this post as I went big this year and harvested a load of them on my doorstep! I have a huge blackberry bush 10 seconds from my front door, these are fun to pick and go so well in smoothies. Other fruits I have picked this year include apples and tomatoes.

So go and make the most of it, after all it is free! I find it to be a great excuse to get some fresh air and go walking in the woods. For me nothing beats foraging and cooking your own natural organic food, just as nature intended.

Enjoy this Life Level Up!

Chase Armitage

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