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Handstands, probably everyone has given one a go in their life time, but not too many stick at it long enough to find their balance and hold it like a champion. Its funny but I learned how to handstand many years ago when I was 13. The girls down the road were trying to do them and challenged me to try better their attempts. So naturally I took that challenge! I kept practicing and at first I learnt how to walk on my hands as I couldn't hold the balance and from there I slowly started to focus it down to one point and hold it. That was my journey into learning handstands, many other people I have trained prefer the wall technique or using a block as demo'd in the video below.

So lets do this! Its really not as hard as you think and when you do get it the rewards feel amazing. Holding a handstand is very relaxing and makes you feel great. Its awesome training for the back, triceps and shoulders. learning to handstand is a gateway move, once you dial it you will be hungry to try other variations like planches, elephant lifts, and even the legendary one hander!


  • Spend 5 minutes stretching your wrists and warming up the fingers as per video below

  • 1) Kick up with your back against the wall and slowly bringing one foot away and hold it

  • 2) Kick up with your chest against the wall and slowly bringing one foot away and hold it

  • 3) Hold a crow posture

  • 4) Use a table or sofa to kick one leg away in a split leg shape and train holding your balance

  • 5) Give a handstand a go without anything to support yourself, you need to know how it feels.

​Repeat these 5 exercises 5 times each per day and for sure you will mater that legendary handstand.

Handstands in Cape Town South Africa, I found this awesome pair of ray bands that BFG dropped.

Waiting for my plane to take off in Heathrow airport, UK.

Finding my one hander balance in stunning Italy.

Seeing Venice from a different angle with my beautiful wife.

No matter which way up i saw this scenery it was breath taking, Bariloche Argentina.

Throwing some more funky shapes out in Italy.

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