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The average human is made up of 60-65% water, so I guess it makes sense for us to look into the quality of that liquid we top up our bodies with. Many of my younger years I was drinking acidic fizzy drinks that are better suited for cleaning engines than hydrating humans. But thats all just part of the waking up process and freeing ourselves from addictive products using powerful advertising. I remember when I decided to give up drinking fizzy sugar drinks and I drank mostly tap water but still there was so much more room for improvement.

So I started looking into water, learning about it and doing my research.

I will start at the centre, tap water that comes into our homes ready for us to drink, its been cleaned and treated which I am grateful for, but the quality really is not optimal if your looking to level up. Its treated with heavy amounts of Chlorine and in some countries especially the U.S they add fluoride which is actually a byproduct of smelting factories and used as rat poison. Many believe that fluoride is responsible for calcifying our pineal gland, the gland found in the centre of our brains also known as the third eye. It is said that the third eye gives us our intuition and the ability to see beyond our eyes sight. Its connected to clairvoyant abilities. So I can understand the excuse for putting it in our toothpaste, as they claim its good for our dental health, but I dont understand adding it to our water against our will. Who here drinks tap water and swishes it around their mouth, gargles with it and spits it out!... no one? Really =) Ok moving on.

So I began to think where could I get good clean drinking water from, I like the idea of drinking from Artisan springs and I have, it tastes and feels amazing but its not to practical, so I have made a list of my top 3 favourite drinking water sources ordered by how much consumption they get.

1. Reverse Osmosis

Im putting this at the top of my list mainly because its the water I drink most often, mainly due to its accessibility. I have this system hooked up to my mains water and it goes through a 6 stage filtration system, getting rid of all the nasties and delivering very pure drinking water. Free from chlorine odour and fluoride. It costs around £100 and is fairly easy to install, I change my filters once a year with filters costing around £50 for the lot. The water is filtered and stored in a tank under the sink so I always have amazing drinking water on tap.

I did a little experiment, using tap water for 6 months in my kettle and then a new kettle using RO water. The results amazed me, after 6 months with the tap water my kettle was full of lime scale, nasty white build up and the kettle was not functioning at its best, no one likes lime scale in their tea unless your into that kinda thing. Where as after 1 year on RO water my kettle literally looks brand new. On the inside the chrome is still shiny with no sign of lime scale. This was the first major sign I saw that highlighted the difference between the two.

2. Distilled

Distilled is my favourite of them all due to its clarity and ability to help heal and cleanse the body but only because it takes 4 hours to make up a batch of 4 litres am I putting it in my number 2 spot.

Distillers basically recreate the effect of the rain cycle. It uses a heating element to boil the water into steam, the steam rises and meets a cooling element and fan at the top which cleans all the impurities out of the water. Once the steam cools down water is formed and this goes through a final filter and drips into a glass jar. This for me is the best water you can drink, free from impurities. Some people will argue it does not have any minerals in it, Which yes partly true and yet not the whole story. Minerals come in two forms, organic and in-organic. Our bodies love the organic ones but cant process the in-organic ones, most tap water has lots of in-organic minerals like lime which you see building up in your kettle. Bottled water does have minerals added but for me water was designed to be pure so thats how i like to take it, minerals are easy to add into your water. I take shilajit every morning in my tea, this is one of the most mineral rich substances on the planet so I have my bases covered along with the rest of my other super foods I have rich in minerals.

For what I am going to tell you seeing really is believing. after just one use of the distiller you are left with a glass jug full of lovely pure water, and the remains left in the distiller. I was shocked at how much sludge was left in my distiller, and how bad it smelt, literally like a swimming pool! I shit you not! So this got me thinking, if you drank tap water for a year, and your body cant process in-organic minerals (the stuff left in my distiller) where does it all go? that smelly white calcic mess. Well it has to go through the best water purifier on the planet, your body. We do a great job of processing and getting rid of it but not all of it, It makes me wonder where things like kidney stones come from.

Below is a picture of the calcic matter that gets left behind after the distilling process. Along with some images showing the PPM of the distilled water on the right being 0 and the tap water on the left which reads 303ppm.

I made this video to show you how much Calcic matter is held back after only 2 cycles of the water distiller, it looks and smells disgusting, I am yet to get a scientific analysis of the substance but just from smelling it I can tell you I dont want this in my body at all.

3. Artisan Spring water

I love the idea of always drinking water from natural springs, Its just a problem when the nearest one to my home is over an hour drive away, I did make a journey with my wife to go and collect some in a few big glass jars but it didn't last too long in my house so for this reason I have to put it at the bottom of my list. I do think there are health benefits to drinking this water as it contains more natural minerals and comes from source.

If you like the idea of going out hunting for a natural spring close to you check out this website

Enjoy your journey into health and wellness, dont forget to start with the liquids you top up your human with =-D

Big Love,


Life Level Ups.

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