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My name is Chase Armitage and I am on a mission to learn what it takes to really thrive in life. I believe life is the true class room and if we tune into it and listen closely, we have the opportunity to learn incredible things that will take us to the next level and beyond.


I believe when we make these discoveries we need to share them. I want to see our race moving forward, always leveling up. When it comes to health and wellness there is so much misinformation being sold as truth. There are industries making billions from these sick miss informed people. I see why it took me so many years to find these life level ups because they are well burried away. the purpose of this blog, is to share all of my research, experiences and share them with you as a life level up.

My background is Chinese Martial arts & Parkour. I represented Great Britain and became a British champion 6 times. I moved into Parkour and become one of the early founders of the sport in the UK and helped spread it around the world through my inspirational videos. My mission has always been to motivate and inspire. My training expanded and I took to many other forms and disciplines that could help me connect with myself and my environment. I now practive, Skydiving, Rock climbing, Surfing, Snowboarding, Free diving and meditation to name but a few. Parkour gave me a life philosophy, its all about overcoming obstacles in your life, be it physical or mental. The aim is to be the best version of yourself and helping others find that in themselves. Parkour gave me the confidence to jump between two buildings, so why couldnt i use that same confidence and transition it into all other aspects of my life.

I have achieved many of my life goals, I have a Guinness world record for wall flipping over a moving car, I performed live for Jackie Chan and Will Smith, I have traveld most of the world, met and married my soul mate and feel 10 year younger than I am. But I know I am still scrathching the surface. I wish I knew then what I know now, but I understand life is perfect exactly as it is. My passion is health and happiness and sharing it with the world. I work hard to promote a positive lifestyle, for every living being that shares this planet. My work is not self centred towards humans but stretchs to the well being of all sentient beings and the big cheese mother nature herself.

I went Vegan 3 years ago because I realised the impact eating meat eggs and diary was having on the planet and my health. I stopped buying leather and recycle the best I can. Im not perfect by any means, I feel bad for driving a petrol car but I know I will slowly put aside all the things in my life that are no good for the planet. I am on a journey that is waking me up alittle more each day, I used to be part of the zombie nation now im trying to shine a light on it. 

Big love to you all, I wish you all Level ups for life.

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